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September bits

RT @newscientist :

If you are college-educated, have a white-collar job, live in a prosperous neighborhood or earn more than $38,000 (£28,000) a year, you have disproportionate power and responsibility that will be critical for averting catastrophic climate change

Beauty & Symmetry in Afghanistan’s Blue Mosque (Mazar-e-Sharif)

“In the deterministic world of Newton, there is no history and no creativity. In the living world of dissipative structures, history plays an important role, the future is uncertain, and this #uncertainty is the heart of #creativity.”

Fritjof Capra ; The Web of Life

السفينة تكون آمنة في المرفأ، ولكن السفن لا تُبنى لهذا

“””Why do I even need to know this, what is the point of it all?””

Not knowing the bigger ‘why’ can be depressing and cause many students to quit disciplines they might be well-suited for..

(Spoiler : “”Why”” is the answer to the article’s headline)

Challenging Apple & Google’s mono(duo)poly on this might create more room for innovation … More importantly, these actions are increasingly motivated by national interest and supporting local players.

Creativity is (partly) about divergent thinking, and the ability to come up with unrelated options and ideas. This (very simple) #test estimates #creativity based on the test-taker’s ability to come up with 10 words.

Link 👇

The evolution of retail continues, and the boundary between digital and physical will only get blurred further.

The real world doesn’t have these distinct categories.

Work like a lion, not like a cow.
معركة توحيد الشواحن لتقليل النفايات الالكترونية بدأت

“The words “”I deserve more”” are probably at the root of all evil.
The problem is that they are at the root of most progress too.”

“ارتباط بين عمليّات التعلّم وتقليل عوارض الاكتئاب –
النتيجة : إقرأ ! (أو تعلّم(ي) بطرق أخرى)

Karl Popper on the responsibility of the Intellectual:

Anyone who cannot speak simply and clearly should say nothing and continue to work until he can do so.
The worst thing that intellectuals can do –the cardinal sin –is to try to set themselves up as great prophets vis-à-vis their fellow men and to impress them with puzzling philosophies.
In return, he owes it to his fellow men (or ‘to society’) to represent the results of his study as simply, clearly and modestly as he can.
Every intellectual has a very special responsibility. He has the privilege and the opportunity of studying.

Simple but powerful UX updates! They are very visible too, and just the type of thing that powers Apple’s reputation for usability and elegance.

A visually beautiful and thoughtful video on the mass mental illnesses of our time than endanger true freedom:

Anxiety & Fear -> Panic -> Uncertainty -> Psychosis -> Obedience … !
(After School ; Academy of Ideas)

The #NFT economy : Playing a game can replace a job as a source of income (~$2K per month).
Part bubble – part promising!

  • Google Drive is Now Backup & Sync
    “”but .. ok.”” 😒
  • Backup & Sync is Now Google Drive
    “”ok ..”” 😒”

Uncertainty is inevitable! Accept it.

“بالعربي : استخدام 1 إلى 2 طن من المعدن والبلاستيك لنقل شخص ونصف ليس مستداما ..

“”لا بدّ من تحرير المدن من اجتياج السيارات .. حيّ حيّ ، زنقة زنقة””

This is the ‘recipe’ cultural product, designed to guarantee revenue success first, and to control risk. Walking the fine line on the boundary of the ‘art set’.

Personalities change with time, and this can (should?) be a conscious and intentional process ..

Improvements in specific learning processes have been linked to a reduction in depression symptoms.

The meanings associated with Emojis are shifting, and it is a normal cultural process. It depends on ‘who’ is using them.

عقليّة القطيع هي قوّة إجتماعيّة-إقتصاديّة مهمّة، ولها جذور تطوّريّة وغريزيّة.
مقاومة الرغبة بتقليد أداء المجموعة قد يؤدّي لاتّخاذ قرارات أفضل.

Evolution : Can consumers own and ‘rent out’ their own data for revenue (instead of access) ..?

Eventually, using 1 to 2 tons of metal and plastic to move 1.5 people is not sustainable.
We should continue tacking back our cities from cars, street by street.

Print books, Not money.. 😆😆
(Not sure Gutenberg did know about #Bitcoin)

About how grading is failing the educational process: Grading should be seen as a tool to support the learning process, not as some gilded god.

(…) brains that learn fast to “race cars” and those that move more slowly to “hikers,” pointing out that each mode of learning has its strengths—and that standard pedagogical approaches often leave the hikers behind.

The #herd instinct is a powerful social / economic force, and has evolutionary roots. Even the best monkeys do it!
Resisting impulses to mimic group behavior (and taking your time) might lead to ‘better’ decisions.

#Brands tapping into #memes and internet #culture is a powerful trend that shapes #marketing and #engaging audiences especially younger ones.

Advice for young professionals.
On the (hefty) price that needs to be paid in order to be exceptional: hard work + intentional & conscientious effort + sacrifice !

A great set of #quotes by #jordan_peterson

The “”Extended #Brain””: #Think with your body, with the space around you, and with social interactions..

#دراسة : الكثير من الناس (الرجال بأرجحيّة أكبر) يفضّلون تحمّل المزيد من الألم على التفكّر و””البقاء لوحدهم مع أفكارهم”

“”الإنسان عدوّ ما يجهل””

When #culture is seen as an evolving and complex system, even small variations (like misspellings, or changes to recipes) can tell us a lot about its history and evolution.

Caveat: “”Most misspellings are systematic and non-random transformations.””

Netflix going into mobile games, and interactive shows before, are steps in an interesting transition that will lead to entirely new (hybrid?) content formats, and an easier flow of content between different media.

“””التحكم بالنفس هو أعلى درجات الذكاء””

“في تجربة رائدة، #فرنسا تشجّع الشباب على استهلاك منتجات ثقافيّة عبر منحهم قسائم شرائيّة (٣٠٠ يورو) يمكن استعمالها لشراء هذه المنتجات.

ثقافة #إبداع


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