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Jokes aside-Letters (words) are the way they are because a long time back our ancestors were trying to make ‘recording’ things easier.

How can #language (thinking) change if pictographs become trivially easy to create?

Sci-Fi writers: ditch zombies and think about that..👽🤔

March 20, 2023

Happy Equinox to all residents of Planet Earth.

On this day, the whole planet — pole to pole — gets equal daylight and nighttime. One of four days in our orbit that mark the change of seasons: Two equinoxes (March & Sept) & two Solstices (June & Dec).

رَأَيتُ الدَهرَ مُختَلِفاً يَدورُ فَلا حُزنٌ يَدومُ وَلا سُرورُ
وَقَد بَنَتِ المُلوكُ بِهِ قَصوراً فَلَم تَبقَ المُلوكُ وَلا القُصورُ

#شعر #أقوال

A (sad) story with many innocent victims 👇

It is about attempting to treat SIDS “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” [when relatively healthy babies die while sleeping at night without an obvious cause]

But it’s also a story about #science, bias, #medicine, and poverty

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