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The Global Innovation Index 2022: Measurement, Growth, and Achieving Innovation Goals

Can Economists ruin Innovation with an Index? Thoughts on measuring innovation, growth, culture, and creativity.

The 2022 Global Innovation Index report released by WIPO has been published for 2022. Here are some of thoughts on the report, including a few comments and reflections on innovation, economic growth, measurement, and cultural resources.

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The Global Innovation Index – Quantifying National Innovation: Pillars, Rankings, and Remarks

The GII report and ‘Index’ reports in general

Let me start by saying that one should be very careful when dealing with broad inter-country indicators and not just because they could (they will) contain mistakes (some have had very juicy scandals that involve cooking data and massaging numbers).. I think that many of these ‘reduce-everything-into-a-number’ measures, especially when they try to measure wide social processes carry inherent ‘conflation risks’ leading to waste of mass-scale resources.