The Think-Grow Knowledge Modules (TKGM)

The simpler, and wiser, way to approach compressed knowledge:

Mini-libraries of super-summaries on essential topics.

The Think-Grow Knowledge modules (TGKMs) are an attempt to solve a very important learning problem. They are mini-libraries of book summaries, each giving a wide (wise) enough view of a specific field.

The topics have been selected carefully to give a good and wide understanding of a specific area, so that the reader can become aware of the key concepts and can later choose to expand their knowledge of the field. The summaries have been specifically designed with that goal in mind.

The modules include a recommended reading list, book summaries , quizzes , mind maps , and a general knowledge sharing platform, all designed to increase interactivity and improve learning outcomes.

Below are links to the Apple Appstore and Google Play pages of the different apps in the Think-Grow Knowledge Modules collection.

The Think-Grow Knowledge Modules :

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App Title
Key Topics and Fields covered 
Succeed !
Personal Growth, Intelligence, and Success 
Communication Skills and the Communication Process 
Persuasion, Influencing, Negotiating and Cooperating
Lead !
Leadership, Management, and Strategy 
The Better-Brain Library
Mental Skills, Thinking, Brain-Training, and more. 
Personalities and Behaviors
Mental Skills, Thinking, Brain-Training, and more. 
Marketing A to P
Mental Skills, Thinking, Brain-Training, and more. 
The Good Health Guide (1 and 2)
Mental Skills, Thinking, Brain-Training, and more. 
Parenting and Child Development
Mental Skills, Thinking, Brain-Training, and more. 

More Details and Some Considerations / Caveats

We live in a ‘fast’ world, and many things have been replaced by their shortcuts. It is quite important to keep this idea in mind, and remember that these shortcuts frequently do more harm than good. ‘Book summaries’ are an example of this.

Learning through book summaries is not always a good thing, and not all book summaries are created equal. The Think-Grow Knowledge modules were created with these considerations in mind. They are designed to give a broad understanding of key ideas, and deliver enough practical knowledge and memorable stories and frameworks.

Book summaries are not always a good idea
Not all summaries are created equal

Designing the Think-Grow Knowledge Modules and their summaries :

Some Content in the Think-Grow Knowledge Modules :

  1. The Brain & Psyche  :  Thinking  &  Emotions  
Some book summaries in the group: 
1. The Power of Habit 12. How the Mind Works 2. The Psychology of Judgment & 13. Brain Power Game plan 14. Power Up Your Mind 3. Thinking Fast & Slow 15. Mozart’s Brain & the Fighter
4. Made to Stick Pilot 5. Please Understand Me 16. Six Thinking Hats 6. On Being Certain 17. Brain Rules 7. Frames of Mind 18. De Bono’s Thinking Course 8. The Upside of Irrationality 19. The Mind Map Book 9. Predictably Irrational 20. Think Smart 10. A Whole New Mind 21. Lateral Thinking ll. Drive 22. Super-Power Memory

2. Personal Leadership : Growth and Success Intelligence

Some book summaries in the group:
23. Emotional Intelligence 24. Social Intelligence 25. Verbal Intelligence
26. Learn How to Think 27. How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci
28. Outliers 29. The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari  30. How to Win Friends and Influence People 29. Dealing with Difficult People  38. Crucial Conversations 34. Dealing with Difficult People 36. The Seven Deadly Skills of Communicating 33. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People 32. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families 35. Nurture Shock 34. Brain Child

3. Professional Growth – Tools of Excellence

Some book summaries in the group:
39. Communicate to Win 46. The Art of War 40. Present to Win 47. Innovation & Entrepreneurship 41. Harvard Business Review on Effective Communication 48. Blue Ocean Strategy  49. Artful Persuasion 42. The Art of Decision Making 50. Influencer
43. The Speed of Trust 51. The Art of Influence 44. The 8th Habit - From Effectiveness to Greatness 52. YES 53. The New Leaders 45. Negotiate to Win 54. Secrets to Power Negotiating

4. Physical Intelligence – Good Health

Some book summaries in the group:
55. Nutrition & Health 56. Eat to Live 66. Everything you need to know
57. Food Rules About Fat Loss  58. Comprehensive Guide to 67. The Metabolism Advantage
Vitamins 68. Super Immunity 59. The Metabolism Advantage 69. The Seven Pillars of Health
60. Why we get Fat 70. Anatomy & Physiology 71. Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers 61. The Dukan Diet 72. You—Owner’s Manual 62. Dr. Atkins’ Diet 73. Healthy Aging Revolution 74. The People’s Pharmacy 63. The Okinawa Program 75. Blue Zones  64. The Abs Diet 76. First Aid Guide 65. The Ketogenic Diet

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