The 10 Labors of Worldly Wisdom

Missions on the Path from Plurality to Creativeness

“The 10 Labors of Worldly Wisdom” is a thoughtful game and one of the applications from the “The Atlas of Worldly Wisdom” course. It is a playful and simplified description of some steps on the path to creativeness.

The Big Idea

In this short and easy-to-read book, you are invited to discover, and impersonate, 10 different characters, whose totality is worldly wisdom.

The wise share traits with interesting heroes who draw maps, command armies, tinker, run, beg, and… steal things.

Specifically :

The 10 Characters

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Why these characters?

Because their behaviors (as described here) reflect crucial skills and an excellent ability to acquire and use knowledge, to plan for the future, and to create great things.

These traits, and their backgrounds, will help you transform your knowledge to awareness, your simple plans to intent, and your actions to creativeness.

The 10 Labors (very) briefly navigates around the key themes from “The Atlas of Worldly Wisdom” and their practical applications, with special attention given to: How can you change today?

The 10 Labors of Worldly Wisdom
The 10 Labors of Worldly Wisdom

The Labors of Worldly Wisdom : An Application from The Atlas

‘The Atlas of Worldly Wisdom’ is a course about applied, practical, wisdom. It is a guide on achieving excellent levels of performance, and on understanding, planning, and creating better.

The Atlas is a super-framework: an integration of many models and major ideas. It explores personal evolution by combining some of the most popular ideas on success, management, and personal development systematically into the ‘Awareness-Intent-Creativeness’ triple spiral.

The A-I-C has three components: the first spiral (Awareness) starts from knowledge, the second spiral (Intent) starts from planning, and the third spiral (Creativeness) starts from actions. All three are needed… together.

Worldly wisdom is a continuous process of exploration, but not just of the world. It also has an internal component, directed at the self. The journey is both external and internal.

So, ‘The 10 Labors of Worldly Wisdom’ is a peek into The Atlas. A taste.

Why the 10 Labors of Worldly Wisdom?

Can you (playfully) mold your identity to accommodate the lessons? Can you be a (noble) thief one day, and a general another?

The 10 labors (or the 10 jobs) of worldly wisdom reflect important tasks on this road from awareness to creativeness, presented as a set of simplified and actionable daily reminders.

Wisdom is not knowledge. Wisdom is a change in behavior.

Try to impersonate one of these characters for a day.. playfully and carefully, while reflecting on knowledge, plans, resources, emotional control, creativity, and discipline. I’ve described a few specific behavior patterns and dispositions for each of the characters, to make the task’s objectives clearer.

This book is a condensation and a distillation.. so if it does seem interesting, check out The Atlas.

Table of Contents : The 10 Labors of Worldly Wisdom

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The Atlas of Worldly Wisdom

The Atlas of Worldly Wisdom Course Webpage, which includes a description of the key topics and access to different related files & content: https://ahijazi.website/atlas-worldly-wisdom/

Note – The Course includes the 10 Labors, integrated throughout the lectures, and as supplementary material not as one short book.