This website is intended to showcase different aspects of Dr. Ahmad Hijazi’s work, and to act as a potential connection point.

Dr. Ahmad Hijazi is the creator (or co-creator) of some of the projects mentioned in this website. After a career (almost) in managing business units and launching products, his current work and research are focused on the fields of innovation, creativity/culture, and on knowledge transfer and education. He has built a number of web and mobile applications that have been used by hundreds of thousands of users. He has also worked with many companies on building innovative digital products and systems, and creating impactful branding and marketing elements.

He holds a DBA/PHD in Business Studies from IE University (Spain), where his research studied the market-creation and innovation potential of cultural resources. His work identified cultural resource sets as a potential generator of economic and production opportunities, and explored different psychological and network-level impacts of culture on innovation and markets. He also holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Research (IE), a Master’s in Business Administration from Oxford University (UK), and a Bachelor in Engineering from the American University of Beirut (Lebanon).

Ahmad Hijazi

Education: Courses & Training Seminars

Ahmad Hijazi has delivered numerous courses and training seminars that cover markets, management, research, digital media, cultural and creative industries, and creativity/innovation. He focuses on creating engaging and impactful learning experiences by utilizing simulations, discussions, and practical applications. Some novel seminar ideas include courses on:

He has also advised many institutions on improving the educational outcomes and overall efficiency and throughput of their offerings, by re-configuring course contents, delivery, and evaluation.

To discuss a talk on the above, or a potential cooperation on a seminar/course, Please reach out through this form:

Projects: Innovation | Digital , Marketing | Branding   

111 helps companies and innovators build great initiatives and marketing elements (brands, localization, designs) by utilizing a specific values-based framework and by connecting them to the needed managerial, technical, and creative resources.

We’ve cooperated with many global ad agencies and regional companies on creating impactful and localized campaign and branding/marketing elements. We have also developed web and mobile applications that helped partners achieve their vision and improve customer engagement.

If you are working on an innovative initiative or startup that utilizes web/mobile or digital components, especially if related to one of the core fields of education, culture, and gamification (especially education-related and marketing-related gamification), and can use help in planning and implementing it, please reach out for a discussion of potential cooperation.


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